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Dear Patient,

Thank You for choosing Pure Science RX Pharmacy to provide your customized medication.

Please know that Quality is our top priority.  Our facility and staff operate under strict, independently verified regulatory guidelines to assure that the medications you receive meet all applicable state and federal quality standards.

Currently, we are closely monitoring the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and adopting additional emergency guidelines as recommended by official state and federal sources.

Here are some important tips from the CDC to help minimize your risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

  1. To protect against the spread of COVID-19, the flu, and the common cold:
  2. Wash your hands. This is one of the most important things you can do – regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Clean surfaces regularly with disinfectant, particularly of heavily used items like desks, phones, doorknobs, etc.
  4. Avoid touching your face, especially your nose, mouth and eyes.
  5. Stay home if you are sick.
  6. If you have to sneeze, cough or blow your nose, use a tissue and immediately throw it away in a closed bin. The CDC does NOT recommend wearing a surgical mask to protect you from COVID-19. Also, public health officials are requesting that people not purchase N95 facemasks. These are intended for healthcare professionals.

If COVID-19 is spreading within your community, public health officials may ask you to take extra precautions. These might include:

  • Social distancing: keeping at least 6 feet between you and others.
  • Stay home if someone else in your household is sick so that you do not pass the virus to others.
  • Cancel or postpone events with large crowds.
  • Set up a separate room for sick household members.
  • Check in with family and friends who live alone — especially if they have chronic diseases.
  • Ask friends and family to check in with you if you become sick.

Important Note: For local pickup, you may text 858-726-2614 and our staff will hand carry your medication to your vehicle.  We also can ship any prescription locally as needed.

Sufain Otoum, Pharm.D
PIC, Pure Science Rx

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PureScienceRX is a compounding pharmacy that offers customized medications that are not readily manufactured. Our Pharmacists and staff will work with your prescriber to customize the right prescription for you.

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